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Deodorant - Pit Stick

Deodorant - Pit Stick

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Our all natural deodorant is truly the way to step back from chemical based products. Our ingredients are balanced to support odour control and perspiration absorption using only natural goodness. Made with coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa or shea butter, kaolin clay, arrowroot, baking soda, vitamin e, activated charcoal and essential oils, we offer softness to an often overlooked part of your skin!

Detox those Pits! 

Transitioning to a natural deodorant from an aluminum based antiperspirant, often takes up to 4 weeks, but more than worth it. The "under arm detox" is a positive thing!  Aluminum based antiperspirants clog your pores to prevent the release of sweat and moisture. Detox is a period where your body may over produce moisture and sweat, which will interact with odour causing bacteria.  But remember, all our body types are different, with unique body chemistry.  Some skin types can experience redness or irritation from baking soda in the product. Baking soda is used to regulate and balance PH and can absorb odours. We suggest trying our product with a small test patch on your skin before using.

If needed, we are more than happy to offer the same goodness without baking soda in a custom request.

We encourage understanding of this, and communication with our clients, please reach out to us!  We can offer tips and advice.

Lets "sweat it out" together :)                                             

*applying deodorant right after shaving can be irritating

*try shaving at night before bed, and allowing your skin time to rest

*apply deodorant to dry skin

*exfoliate your pits! WHAT?!! Yes! Spoil ALL of your skin! No Taboo here!!