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We are two long time friends, Kristin Tillberg and Lori Moreland.  Two ladies with an idea and a love for our soaps and bath products. Our skin needs are different and so are our personalities. In searching for a better, more natural product for ourselves, family and friends, Pink Soapworks was born. Our goal with our product line is to promote the uniqueness and diversity of beauty and wellness, and to cater to the individual needs of our customers. 
It is also important to us to locally source as many if our ingredients as possible, and key to support other local farms and entrepreneurs. We are continually in search of fresh, local, quality resources to include in our ingredients, most importantly those we can harvest ourselves. Kristin is the scientist behind the composition and creation of our face oils, body butters, scrubs, and oils, while Lori is on farm, caring for, and milking our goats, along with the creation of our soap and salve recipes, and foraging our botanical collections.
We keep our social media page up to date with our current offerings, seasonal promotions, and special events. We are proud to be fresh to the artisanal scene in the greater Ottawa area.
To Contact Us:
email: pinksoapworks@gmail.com
Phone: 613-204-9737
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pinksoapworks
Instagram:  @pinksoapworks
                                        Kristin & Lori