Pink Soapworks produces handcrafted, small batches of goat milk soap and body products made with natural ingredients carefully crafting a balance between health, wellness, and beauty. We use ingredients to pamper your skin and your senses.

Our products use only naturally based carrier oils, and our colours are from naturally infused oils with plants or clay that we infuse ourselves.  We make each recipe unique to cater to what our product is geared for.


The essential oils we use are pure, undiluted essences extracted directly from a variety of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs and spices. We use only natural extract preservatives, our products are SLS and paraben free.

Our skin is different, and so are our personalities, which is why we make different varieties of products with different oils, exfoliants, and even different basic carrier oils ~ to suit ever changing different needs throughout the seasons.   

We take pride in being locally run and are fresh to the artisanal scene in the greater Ottawa area.



By hand milking our goats at our own farm in Hallville, Ontario, this allows us the unique opportunity to know what goes into our product and where it was sourced from. Our babies are allowed to nurse exclusively and stay at mom's side until they are 15 weeks. Only after the babies are weaned do we milk our moms by hand. Our farming practices are an inclusive philosophy, where our animals are part of the family, and we all take part in the caring for our friends.


We support local hard working business! We proudly purchase ingredients from...

Mountain Orchards ~ Mountain, Ont.

Clearydale Honey~ Spencerville, Ont.

Quillowfarm Organics~ Osgoode, Ont.

Happy Goat Coffee~ Ottawa, Ont.

Kricklewod Sunflower Farm - Frankville, Ontario

Against the Grain Farms - Winchester, Ontario

Red Barn Naturals - Merrickville, Ontario